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Spider Medicine

Posted on August 6, 2016 at 1:50 PM

The spiders web is a creation of the spiders own truth, not only innocent, beautiful, and perfect when you first closely look at it, but a deadly trap for anyone that gets caught in it......spread across a well traveled path, deception is its invisible power. Very few escape the spiders web.

Once caught in the web, escape seems easy, yet when attempted, escape most often becomes impossible and one becomes more entangled by even the slightest movement.

The spider sits in the middle of the web showing all that it is safe to go around him through deception, only the very wise and very perceptive ones are safe from the spiders agenda.

The spider only wants to eat and live and has no other motives, it is the only way that it knows how to survive, it is its instinct to do what it does.

The spider has no knowledge of evil.

Spider medicine reminds us that we have the power to weave our own web in life and are the architechs and creators of our own destiny.

The web we weave in our life is our own truth, regardless if we do right or wrong.

Since we are human and know evil, spider reminds us that if we choose to lie and deceive others, we will become entangled in our own web. Once trapped in our own web, all will see our foolishness at trying to deceive others by watching us struggle at freeing ourselves from our own wrong-doings.

No liar or deceiver can escape the web, they can only be removed and set free by another through forgiveness, and the broken link in the web must then be repaired.

The spider reminds us that it is alright to be different and unique from all others, yet also reminds us that being different does not make us separate from all others. Spider tells us to go after and capture our dreams and desires with honor and integrity, not with lies and deception.

The web of the spider reminds us that all things are joined together in a sacred circle and that the Creator is in the center of all things.

Jim Durfee 8-13-2010

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