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My Favorite and Main Filters That I use

Kase Filters.jpg

Kase KW Revolution Professional ND Filter Kit

This is the main filter kit that I use the most. I have the 95mm kit and use Kase magnetic step-up ring adapters for my smaller diameter lenses. These filters are a bit expensive but they are absolutely superb. Plus, these being magnetic make them extremely fast and easy to use.

Filter kit features ND8 (3 stop), ND64 (6 stop), ND1000 (10 stop), and CPL (Circular Polarizer) magnetic filters, part of Kase's color-coded KW Revolution filter system. The filters are designed with color-coded filter frames for easy identification and swapping. The ND8 is color-coded blue, the ND64 is yellow, the ND1000 is red, and the CPL is silver. The kit also includes adapter rings, a filter case, and one front lens cap. The KW Revolution system is based on Kase's earlier Wolverine series and is fully backwards-compatible with Wolverine filters.

KW Revolution filters are made with shock-resistant and water-resistant optical glass that's durable and easy to clean, and that doesn't cause any color cast. In addition to being magnetic, the filters are also front-threaded. This is one of the differences between the KW Revolution series and the earlier Wolverine series.

My second brand of filters that I use...


URTH Filters


I've tried several different brands of CPL and ND filters over the years and these URTH Filters are about the best filters I've found that don't cost and arm or leg to have in your kit. I've been using these for many years now and have never had any issues them. These filters are very close to the quality of the Kase filters. If URTH made these magnetic like the Kase filters I would of never bought the Kase kit. (They are that good!)

These filters are made with premium Schott optical glass with 20 layers of nano-coating, providing a high maximum light transmission and protection against water, oil, and scratches. It has a consistent transmission curve for sharper images, true colors, and greater depth. The filter's magnalium filter ring is ultra-slim to avoid vignette and double-threaded for stacking filters or using screw-mount lens caps.

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