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My Video & Vlogging Kit....

My Home Studio Video Camera....

Canon EOS 6D Mark ii

This Canon 6D Mark II camera is permanently set up at my desk and is what I film almost all of my at home YouTube video's with. 

The lens is the Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 prime lens. 

My GoPro Video and Vlogging Camera set up....

GoPro HERO 10 Black

For making run and gun video's. 

Besides the video quality being amazing with this tiny camera, it is also quite capable of some amazing features.

I use this setup for making most of my video's. The cage is from Ulanzi, along with the extendable selfie stick. I use the RODE Wireless Go microphone almost all the time for the best audio. I also have the RODE Micro shotgun mic that I sometimes use. The GoPro 3.5mm mic adapter fits nicely into the bottom of the Ulanzi cage.

The GoPro is the way to go if you're looking for a small compact video rig that's extremely easy to use.

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