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"My Perception and Perspective Through Digital Photography"

The Camera's and Lenses that I am using.....(In 2022)

My 3 Main Photography Kits

My Pentax

Photography Kit

This is my most used kit. I do about 80% of all my Landscape, Nature, and General Photography with this kit. The Camera is the Full Frame Pentax K1. The lenses are the Pentax-DFA 70-210mm f/4, Pentax SMC 100mm f/2.8 Macro WR, Pentax FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited, and the Pentax-D FA 21mm f/2.4 Limited. 

My Canon

Wildlife Photography Kit

My Wildlife Photography kit consists of 2 Canon EOS 7D Mark II Camera Bodies and a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens and a Canon 100-400 Mark II Lens. I also have the Canon 1.4x and 2x Extenders that on rare occasions I use with the Canon 100-400mm Lens. 

My Canon

Mirrorless Travel Kit.

This kit is great for traveling light and is VERY capable of capturing fantastic high quality images. The Camera Body is the Canon EOS M6 Mark II. The Lenses are the Laowa 9mm f/2.8 C-Dreamer, Sigma 16mm f/1.4, Canon 32mm f/1.4 STM, Sigma 56mm f/1.4, and the Laowa 65mm f/2.8 Dreamer MACRO 2X. I often grab this kit instead of my Pentax kit when I want to travel light.    

My Point and Shoot Camera

Canon - Powershot G7 X Mark III

This camera stays in my cabinet shop work satchel so I always have a camera with me when measuring jobs and doing installations, etc. 

I often photograph visuals while taking notes measuring jobs and for reminders before doing cabinet CAD drawings. This little camera is perfect for this type of work.