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My Tripods

Artcise AS80c Carbon Fiber heavy-duty Tripod Legs

I found this tripod a couple of years ago and use it all the time. It's extremely solid and strong, yet light-weight (and under $200.00!!!) I highly recommend these legs if you need a stable and strong tripod. 

I use it with the Sirui L-20S pan and tilt head pictured below; makes an excellent rig for holding your gear!

Sirui L-20S Pan and Tilt Head

Small and light-weight but strong enough to hold my Canon 7D Mark II with the Sigma 150-600mm Lens. 

Sirui W-1204 Carbon Fiber Waterproof Tripod

This is my smaller tripod that I use when using smaller gear set ups and for traveling lighter and smaller for hikes. I have the Joby Ballhead pictured below mounted on it. It's a great tripod and I do beleive Sirui has discontinued this specific model.

The Tripod Ball Heads I Use

Joby Ballhead X

I went through a phase (and several ball heads) trying to find a good strong and trusty ball head that didn't cost an arm and leg and ended up "accidentally" coming across the Joby Ball Head.

AND it costs less that 50 bucks!

I 99.9% trust this ball head to hold my most expensive gear and have been using these ball heads for almost 5 years now without 1 of them failing yet! (and I don't baby them).

I use all arca-swiss types of clamps and mounting plates and have modified these Joby Ball heads and fitted them with those styles of hardware.

Sirui K-20X BallHead

I have this head mounted on to my older Manfrotto 290 Dual Tripod. It's an extremely well built and strong Ballhead.  

The Modifications I did to my Tripod Heads

     These are light weight and well built clamps and plates that I found on Amazon. The video head I also have mounted on a Neewer leveling base. These set ups have worked well for me for quite a while now. If you want to know more about this set up and the exact parts I'm using, shoot me an email.

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